It all started as a necessity when we brought home our first foster dog and her 10 puppies. I couldn't keep them forever, could I? I mean, I guess I could have but no, I suppose having 10 horse-sized puppies wasn't plausible. So I took out my camera phone and snapped about 1 million pictures of them a day and counted down the 8 weeks until they could be adopted. And wouldn't you know...IT WORKED! Through the power of social media and some good photos, we got them all adopted and I found something I loved doing.


Capturing their unique personalities was a rush, a thrill,...the thing I felt like I'd been missing in my life. I found something that I was good at (at least my friends said so but it could have been the cookies) and I LOVE DOING. I can't wait to get home and load up the photos I capture to find that ONE that makes me think...YESSSSSS. That's the ONE that captures everything about this beautiful soul who allowed me the time to hang out with them and snap some pics. I could go on forever about it but I won't...take a look at my gallery and you'll see what I'm trying to say.


Other than that, I'm a married middle-aged mama with 2 wonderful boys, the eldest at Cal and the youngest a freshman in high school, I'm throwing caution to the wind and diving into something I love doing and would love to share with you.

- Ann


P.S. The cookie recipe is available upon request.